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Dog Tales

Every dog has a story, here are a few that might be similar to your dog's story and offer you some starting tips for best health.

Every dog thinks they are an athlete!

See examples of normal postures!



History: She tore her first ACL and had TPLO surgery  as a young dog.

At 12yrs old, her mom asked for alternatives to surgery for the second knee when that ACL tore.

Treatment: Stem cell therapy with Anicell, Joint injections with PRP and Synamid, Shockwave, and tons of rehabilitation with laser, massage, and exercise.

Outcome: She has done very well with Stem cell therapy, joint lubrication injections, Shockwave and Rehab for 3+ years.  She still plays with her pals and her toys and works out in our gym regularly!

Delilah had knee and back pain.

ACL disease + OA


History:  He had been limping for several weeks despite the usual medications (NSAIDS).  He was painful from mild elbow arthritis and his biceps muscles and tendons were sore from trying to protect his elbow.

Treatment: Joint lubrication with Synamid, Shockwave for his shoulder, and rehab therapy x 90 days.

Outcome: He is back to full play with his dog Bro and takes daily supplements but no pain meds.  He does his physical therapy maintenance at home weekly.

Charlie had pain in his elbows and shoulder tendons.

OA + tendonitis


History:  He was rescued from euthanasia at the shelter and surrendered with many issues.

Treatment: Allergy testing, Thyroid regulation, A new diet, Shockwave therapy, and rehabilitation

Outcome: This guy is a new dog and such a sweetie.  He is an old man with a new life and we are thrilled to have him.  He went from barely able to move to doing his Bull Terrier spins and runs his new house.

He is a special case - with the need to tread lightly and use few medications and not sedate him, the shockwave has been the tool that has changed his physical life the most!  Now he maintains with regular rehab in our gym and Adequan and Caneva as his supplements.

Had pain in his elbows, spine, hips, and knees.

OA + Tendonitis + Allergies and low T4 + Heart disease


History:  She became fearful of other dogs at the dog park and dogs walking by her house, she had never been that way before.  Her behaviorist asked her to see me to be sure she was not afraid to run and play due to pain in her body.  When I met her she could not lay down or stretch her hips or back comfortably, even though she would love to have your PB and J sandwich as a lure.

Treatment: Her spine xrays were normal, thank goodness.  She had significant reduction of the flexibility of her hips and back, even while sleepy with sedation.  She had two sessions of shockwave and 90 days rehab therapy.

Outcome: She is back to full play, stretch and walks for fun, and her owner reports that she is now not taking Prozac for her anxiety any more!!  We underestimate how being sore in their body can limit their willingness to be active EVEN in young dogs!  Remember, young dogs are like our athletic kids, but without the benefits of physical training and sports related warm-ups, unless we teach them to do them.  They get injured all the time, just like human athletes!

Rey had back pain and hip muscle strains and became a FEARFUL dog.

Iliopsoas and lumbar strains.

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