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Arthritis case management examples

Pain Management and Rehab
at it's best.

Apache 8yr - Shoulder and Hip pain

Stella 10yr - Knee and Elbow pain

Elle 1yr - Elbow and Hip Pain


Harper 1 yr - Spine Hyperextension - FEARFUL

Estes 7 yr - Back Muscle

Enzo 9yr - Arthritis, Tripod

back pain non-surgical treatment

Cho Cho 5 yr - Mid- spine disc

Ranger 2yr - Cervical disc

Teak 2 yr - Lumbar disc

back pain post surgical recovery

Motley 8yr - Chronic shoulder strain with elbow OA

Jasmine 8yr - Shoulder strain with OA

Woody 8yr - Groin strain at agility

Athletic injuries

management of weakness and wobbliness

Neurologic disease and Rehab
at it's best.

Notch 14 yr - multiple IVDD and vascular strokes

Raven 11yr - Neuropathy

Katie 8yr - Degenerative Myelopathy

Neurologic disease


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