Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs.

Do you want to speak dog?

Want to learn to see their subtle discomforts?

We can head off big problems and design your dog's health with plans to avoid chronic disease.

I will help you design the healthy life you want for your dog using information that you can't get from a routine vet visit.

This info is backed by science and curated with love just for you.

I specialize in pain relief, rehabilitation, and sports medicine for your dog.  When you think about it all dogs are athletes, or at least they think and act like they are!  From daily hikes and frisbee to full agility and police work, dogs do it all.

To be a successful and healthy athlete takes some specialized care, exercise, and training.  I’ve spent the past 15 years as a veterinarian studying physical fitness and recovery - first for horses and now for dogs. I use supplements, nutrition, joint care, and hands-on therapy, to heal your dog then teach you the exercises you need to know to prevent injuries.

Now, I want to help your dog and teach you what I’ve learned.

ABout Dr. marie

Are you tired of seeing your dog being
distressed, uncomfortable, and in pain?

when we focus on health and recovery - we can prevent the need for daily medications for big issues like: 


Gi issues

pain management

sports injury prevention

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“If only I'd known then what I know now about conditioning and how to detect signs of pain, 

could have prevented a lot of injuries.



the good life - aging with spunk

"I have never had a dog enjoy  a healthy and happy life as good as this one."

Cassidy is a super senior, who with the right supplements, medicine, and exercises rocks old age with her frisbee on a daily basis.  

the comfy tummy - my best diet

"I can't believe she has been on Tylan and prescription food for years ... and now she is eating real food without them."

Trinity was diagnosed with IBD.  We have since learned that she has food allergies and appears to have a lack of enzymes to digest certain things.  Despite medications, she still had a rumbly tummy.  She has been eating a simple fresh food diet for a year and had a normal ultrasound of her GI tract!! No more symptoms of IBD for this girl.

fitness optimized - she is wonder woman

"We did everything we could to understand why she was limping and solve it - then we found Dr. Marie."  


Nothing keeps her down .... Heist is a super active dog who visited me from New Mexico after a year of lameness that seemed impossible to resolve.  She had  muscle strains that are not commonly diagnosed by ultrasound.  Shockwave and rehabilitation exercise have brought her back to full speed over three months, her mom will keep her safe with specific goals for exercise as she advances.



Let's talk dogs.

This podcast is designed specifically for you, to share insights from the pros about your furry kids.

 We will discuss all the aspects of living their best active life, funny behaviors, common health issues and even common breed related issues.

 For fun, we will also throw in some “day-in-the-life-stories” from our veterinarians, trainers and breeders.

 Each session will include an important health tip at the end of your 20 minute listen, so stay tuned.

This podcast is scheduled to start in the fall of 2021!