See examples of normal postures!


Basic Core and Pelvic Limb Exercise

Tummy tickles

3 legged stands

Elevated stand


It is important for any dog to be able to use each of their legs to stand, walk, and jump.  This is a foundational set of exercises that is important for core strength, symmetry and balance.

See this article for the description of these exercises with videos.
Start with your 15 min walking warmup and then do these on a daily basis for your best results!

If your dog is unable to do these - please don't - see your rehab vet for help!!

Active spine extension
1.  laying + pelvic rocking
2. in standing or elevated stand
Spine mobility

Weight shifting - on the floor
Weight shifting - on the matress
Weight bearing

Walking on a matress
Core Stability
Weight bearing

Level one: for specific dogs

Cho Cho 5 yr - Mid- spine disc

Ranger 2yr - Cervical disc

Teak 2 yr - Lumbar disc

back pain post surgical recovery

Motley 8yr - Chronic shoulder strain with elbow OA

Jasmine 8yr - Shoulder strain with OA

Woody 8yr - Groin strain at agility

Athletic injuries

management of weakness and wobbliness

Neurologic disease and Rehab
at it's best.

Notch 14 yr - multiple IVDD and vascular strokes

Raven 11yr - Neuropathy

Katie 8yr - Degenerative Myelopathy

Neurologic disease


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