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I provide consults to teach others how to identify subtle pain in dogs.
I provide therapy plans to resolve pain and transition into supplements and exercises to optimize their lives.
I can help to eliminate other inflammatory diseases that contribute globally to pain in dogs.

What I Do


I raise money to support the medical care of adopted dogs.

HEre's how we can help:

I will not mislead you, maintaining health is hard.  Have we figured out how to stay healthy as humans?  Nope.  But, we do have some systems in place to take care of ourselves when we need to.  Whether you have a new furry friend or an old one, we will design a plan just for you.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your dog's health to the next level.

All of the above plus specific care for inflammatory diseases that contribute to pain:

  • GI specific testing
  • Allergy management
  • Clinical trials for new supplements and treatments

Whole health makeover

  • Orthopedic exam
  • Pain relief/disease management
  • Specific diagnosis for painful problems
  • Hands on therapy to restore physical health
  • Exercise guides
  • Transition of off medications (when possible)
  • Maintenance plan

pain relief + physical recovery (rehab)

  • Fitness/weight management
  • Nutrition/supplements
  • Physical exercises for injury prevention

foundational health


Assessment and planning for medical and physical health

Assessment and plan to restore medical and physical health

Assessment and plan to restore medical and physical health



Pet Insurance
Training referrals
Basic Exercises to prevent injury

We will talk about all the things that are hard to shop for.  I have a list of favs and a spreadsheet of costs I can share with you.

Foundational Health

Note: this is for healthy dogs without issues.  I can not diagnose disease by telemedicine.

schedule an initial consult in the clinic

Joint Lubrication Injections
Stem cells
Therapeutic Exercise

We live in exciting times.  We can guide the body to heal well after the pain has been managed.

Pain Relief and Physical Recovery

Read more about these specific treatments!

See dogs who have benefitted from treatments.


Baseline health assessment with exam and lab work
Pain management and rehab plan
Regenerative medicine options
Clinical trials as appropriate
Referral medicine appointments as appropriate
Maintenance plan

Sometimes our dog's health is complicated.  This system gives us time to get through the inflammatory relief plans one at a time.

The Canine Health Makeover

NOTE: this is not an internal medicine consult and we will need your whole health team to work together.  I will refer you for help to my favorite and smartest doctor friends.

Ace is a six year old male dutch shepherd. We have had Ace since he was one year old. Ace was initially training to become a K-9. He was a very active dog and loved to work. We were in the military and when we finally moved back to Colorado, Ace was being evaluated by another veterinarian. We were asked about Ace's physical activity in which we responded that he was not very active but thought it was due to the altitude. The vet looked at how Ace was sitting and that lack of physical activity was concerning for pain and referred us to Dr. Bartling. 

At the first visit Dr. Bartling took the time to get to know us and Ace. After examining Ace, to our surprise she identified that Ace had point tenderness. Dr. Bartling explained what she was looking for and Ace's reaction that conveyed he was in pain. Everything Dr. Bartling explained was clear and concise. She took the time to indicate the cause(s) and effect(s) of pain in Ace. The most important thing is how she addressed the treatment plan. Dr. Bartling presented options that were evidence based, made sure we understood the benefits and side effects, and made sure that we were comfortable and could follow through with the treatment plan. We never felt pressured or that we were being taken advantage of. 

We have been seeing Bartling for Ace's pain since June of 2021. We are seeing our dog come back to life. He is active and displaying his amazing physical activity. We strongly believe and think pets are part of the family and develop special relationships with their human(s). Dogs can have medical problems just like humans including pain from accidents or injuries.

Have your pet evaluated by the best so your pet can be at their the best!

"We are seeing our dog come back to life."  - Sylvia

was grumpy and slow - for an active young malinois


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I can't wait to meet you. 
Please do fill out the forms, and do take some video as requested in the pre-appointment emails.  It will make a huge difference in our ability to train you to see your dogs signs that they are painful!

Get scheduled.

Learn about fitness and pain-free posture in dogs.

Big girls don't cry, and your dogs won't either. 

They don't stop running and playing - but they might do it slower and take more breaks. 

And, when they are done, they will sit in a way that relieves them from discomfort.  Take a look at the posture gallery. 

If you a canine professional trainer or veterinary technician and find this interesting and want to learn the secrets to detecting weakness, pain and to preventing injury in your dogs, email me to come shadow at the clinic to sign up for CE class!

for professionals