NOTE: I can't give vet advice to those I do not personally have a relationship with as clients, but I can share some serious amounts of info for you to read!

Common signs of pain in dogs
> Chronic/Maladpative Pain
> Tendon/Muscle Injury
> Canine Elbow dysplasia/arthritis
> Knee injury: ACL disease in dogs (called the cranial cruciate ligament)
> Knee pain: Medial or Lateral Patellar luxation
> Hip pain: Hip Dysplasia +/- Arthritis
> Back pain: IVDD: Intervertebral Disc Disease
> Neurologic disease: Degenerative Myelopathy
> Weight loss

Common physical health problems

take a video of your dog doing the transitions exam so you can monitor for good strength and comfort.

Want to know more about your dog's physical health? 

here is your example video!

Physical healing - Regenerative Medicine Options

>> Regenerative medicine = restoring normal physics!

Fitness Exercises:
Core and Rear Leg Strength

These are beginner exercises that will be important to do long-term as well.

Note: if your dog can't do these, please see your vet asap for an assessment.

3 basic exercises for core, back and hindlimb stability

- 3 legged stand
- elevated stand
- active spine extension

Watch the How To Videos!

Here is a checklist to help you figure it out. 


> Vomiting/Diarrhea
> Skin issues: Food allergies vs Environmental
> Allergies
> Autoimmune disease
> Cancer

Did you know that some chronic inflammatory conditions contribute to the sensitivity of the pain system? 

I know you want to know which foods I like: 

Raw Foods
Solutions - coming soon - organic and fermented with ethical sourcing and high standards
** Small batch - organic and has ethical sourcing
Colorado Raw Dog & Co - great local company with a nutritionist to give advice

Fresh Cooked Companies: 
Nom Nom has done clinical food trials to be sure the ingredients are absorbable.
** Raised Right (Low carb) and owned by a small farm with well treated animals and all life stages ingredients in the beef recipe.
** Milk Pet Foods (Discount code: DMHD) is a great boulder local company who makes wholesome food without grain but still has the right protein and fiber balance and has done some vitamin testing.

Dehydrated foods:
Grandma Lucy's - Macanna salmon or pre-mix
** Side by Side - pork and rabbit patties
The Simple Food Project
** Dr. Harvey's Raw Vibrance (low carb)

** = Limited ingredient options.

read this article by sports med vet chris zink, and veterinary nutritionist donna raditic

this you must know

Pain Becomes Maladaptive: Your Dog is NOT as OLD as you think


> Fear - Meet Harper in the video from her Dad's interview
> Aggression
> Weird licking/chewing

Pain can create behavioral health issues

> From Amazon:  Order this book about human a diet strategy that is inflammatory. 

It will change your life.

It Starts With Food
- by Dallas and Mellissa Hartwig

useful human resources

nutritional supplements for muscle

Cannabis, Turmeric, and Bosewellia have all been used to reduce pain and inflammation in a number of animal species, including dogs.  We are so lucky to have formulas made and reviewed by vets.

pain relief supplements

> Read the clinical paper about and order Myos on Amazon

> Read about Adequan on the website and in the clinical paper, >> Order from your vet.

> Read more about collagen preservation in clinical research with UC II specifically
> Paper demonstrating Pain relief for Canine OA
> Paper: UC II mitigates inflammation in dogs after exercise
> Paper: UCII compared to NSAID
>> From Chewy:  order Tri Cox + UCII with glucosamine
>> From Chewy: order Flexadin advanced UC II dog chew
>> From Amazon: order human UC II (NOW Brand) 

> Read clinical papers about Hyaluronic Acid for joints and for skin health
>> From Amazon: order Hyalogic for your dog on Amazon
>> From Amazon: Hyalogic: the human version

joint supplements

Anti-inflammatory supplements

Supplements that modulate inflammation can be used to help heal tendons and to control arthritis symptoms.

The BEST Medications and Supplements
to Discuss with your VET

Amantadine, Memantine and Gabapentin are useful to normalize pain perception after is has ramped up to be maladaptive.

maladaptive pain medications

> Amantadine: what it is and how it works
> Read a clinical paper info for Amantadine and OA
>> NOTE: based on this research we use this medication for 3 weeks, and then re-evaluate.  While dogs can take it long term, they might not need to!
> Read a clinical paper about Memantine for compulsive behavior
> Read this article about use for Memantine vs Amantadine
> Read this article for vets using Amantadine and Gabapentin

> Read more about CBD in dogs with OA
>> Order from
>> Discount code DMHD10

> Read more about CBD
>> Order from VetCS
>> Discount code V152

> Read more about Turmeric for allergies from In Clover
>> From Amazon: order Bio-Resiliant anti-itch supplement

> Read about Omega 3 FA (clinical paper and dose)
>> From Amazon: Dr. Harvey's a highly concentrated product

> Read about and order Caneva on their website

> Read the clinical paper about an Connectin, an herbal anti-inflammatory that reduces lameness in dogs
>> From Amazon: order Connectin powder (Note: No chicken in this!)

Joint supplements help to retain normal joint properties for shock absorption and glide and the right products are proven slow tissue decay.

Some supplements truly support muscle health with the right balance of amino acids and prevent atrophy.


Joint supplements are confusing. 

Can you tell me which is most important? 

Yep.  My dog Roy has chicken allergies and he has knee arthritis.  In this article I will tell you what he takes and what he takes when I can't make myself give him EVERY supplement he would benefit from.

Note: I can't tell you it will be perfect for your dog and you will need to see your vet to diagnose the problems your dog has, AND, you should ask them if these are right for your dog!