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Joint injections: Synamid and Spryng

To control the pain related to arthritis in a way that is truly effective and has a lasting effect, we need to deal with each of the components that contribute to pain. Anti-inflammatory medications and regenerative medicine help control the chemistry that degrades tissue.
Joint injections allow us to relieve arthritic pain by reducing friction and improving shock absorption properties inside the joints. It is a medicine we put into the joints directly, right where it needs to be.

What it Synamid?

Synamid is a biocompatible polyacrylamide gel that is elastic and viscous. It is used as a joint injection for dogs, horses and humans.

How does Synamid work?
The natural properties of this gel allow it to integrate into the joint lining through a combination of blood vessel growth and water exchange to improve joint capsule elasticity and joint fluid viscosity.
• It is proven to reduce lameness secondary to arthritis in 82% of patients for up to 24 months.
• Improve comfort and reduce friction and protect the joint from degradation with properties that improve shock absorption.

What is Spryng with OsteoCushion?
• A protein scaffold that mimics the structure of collagen matrix (part of cartilage) that is resistant to joint tissue breakdown and integrates with the joints natural components to provide cushioning for the joint and prevent joint pain.
• Most patients report up to a year of benefits with this product.

How do we choose a product to put into joints?
To maximize the effect of the joint cushioning treatments available, these to treatments have been combined with no side effects. Note: clinical studies and safety studies using them together have not been performed to help us understand any benefits or disadvantages of combined use.

Anecdotally, some doctors have felt that dogs get more longevity from using both in joints that are severely damaged with arthritis.

In general the data we have for dogs currently supports the use of Synamid in elbows, in larger joints Spryng may be recommended, and combinations can be discussed.

Some doctors may also discuss intra-articular PRP to treat arthritis, this is commonly most useful for low damage, high-inflammation scenarios (post TPLO or with early OA) as it does not reduce the friction inside the joint.

How is Synamid or Spyrng administered?
The process of injecting Synamid or Spryng into your dog’s affected joints is considered very safe.
• A gentle sedative is administered through an IV catheter to prevent any discomfort during the sterile intra-articular injection.
• Dogs often stay at the clinic for 2 -3 hours for a gentle recovery
• Diagnostics and other pain relief procedures such as Shockwave can be performed concurrently, however, we do not perform this procedure with dental cleanings due to the bacteria present for that procedure.

 What can we expect after a treatment with Synamid or Spyrng?
• We recommend 2 days of rest, patients could be a little soremswe use pain medications to ensure they are comfortable, and most patients are completely recovered and feeling good after 2-3 days.
• We recommend avoiding baths or swimming/water exposure for a week following treatment.
• Exercises can be resumed as normal after the first 2-3 days and increased gradually to tolerance.
• There are no restrictions from laser for this therapy.

• Most patients begin to show improvements within 2 weeks of administration with benefits lasting up to 24 months
• Some patients have the best control of their arthritic pain with annual injections, and patients who are treated concurrently with shockwave to relieve muscle pain and stem cells to reduce overall inflammation experience the longest lasting and most profound relief. Some but not all dogs are able to eliminate the need for NSAIDS with this combination and mild to moderate arthritis.
• To extend the relief, gained from joint injections we often follow up with liquid hyaluronic acid supplementation (orally) and Adequan by subcutaneous injections that can be given at home. Read more on the Resource page at the bottom for information on specific products.
• All pain relief therapy is most effective when we pair it with rehabilitation therapy to improve overall body function. Muscle and joint stiffness can be related to the physical restrictions of tissues outside the joint, with care and strengthening, we are often thrilled with the results over 60-90 days with exercise.


Joint supplements are confusing. 

Can you tell me which is most important? 

Yep.  My dog Roy has chicken allergies and he has knee arthritis.  In this article I will tell you what he takes and what he takes when I can't make myself give him EVERY supplement he would benefit from.

Note: I can't tell you it will be perfect for your dog and you will need to see your vet to diagnose the problems your dog has, AND, you should ask them if these are right for your dog!

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