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It’s Never Been Simpler

Whether you choose to go with fresh food kits or make your own, it has never been simpler to give your dog the nutrition they need and deserve. You might be surprised at the changes in their physical appearance, activity level, alertness, and interest in their food when you make the switch, too!

Making Your Own

What if you want to make your own fresh food? The trick with any diet is balance. That’s true whether we’re talking about your dog’s diet or your own. You need the right balance of vitamins and nutrients to support whole-body health. Of course, unless you’re a canine nutritionist, that can be pretty challenging to do. How are you supposed to come up with nutritious, balanced meals?

 There’s help at hand here, too. BalanceIT is a free resource that helps you choose from different human foods (all safe for dogs) and create a balanced meal plan, including the right amount of protein, carbs, oils/fats, veggies, and fruits. If you prefer something else, check out Animal Diet Formulator. It’s designed to “take the guesswork out of creating fresh, biologically appropriate, pet food” and is very simple to use. It’s a paid option, but there’s a free trial to help you learn the ropes and decide if it’s the right option for you and your dog.

Where to start - Premade Fresh Food and Kits

“Premade” and “fresh” don’t seem to go hand in hand, but they can. Today, you’ll find a range of premade fresh food options and food kits on the market that offer very fresh food. It’s also important to note that “fresh” does not have to mean “raw”. What are your options here, though? You’ll find many different brands on offer today, but they’re not all created equal. It’s important to choose foods that don’t contain any synthetic ingredients.

I Just Don’t Have the Time

First, let’s address what is probably the second most common complaint about fresh dog food after the cost – the time commitment. If the thought of feeding your dog fresh food conjures up images of hours spent cooking chicken, rice, and peas, waiting for it to cool, then mixing it and trying to find a place to store it in your fridge, there’s good news. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in prep to give your dog nutritious, delicious fresh food. In fact, you really don’t have to spend any time other than what it takes to serve thanks to premade fresh food and food kits available today.

Why Does Fresh Food Matter?

 If you grew up feeding your dog a steady diet of dried food, chances are good you’re wondering why it matters if they eat fresh or not. Isn’t dried kibble just fine? No, it’s not. Most dried food is pretty devoid of nutrition. It’s also packed with fillers. Giving your dog fresh food offers a whole host of benefits, too.
• Hydration: Fresh food (and reconstituted dehydrated fresh food) offers excellent hydration, which is completely lacking in dry foods. Your dog needs water just as much as you do, and like humans, their bodies are designed to extract a lot of that hydration from the foods they eat, not just the water gotten from their bowls.
 • Lack of Filler: Filler is found in most dry food blends to bulk up the food. The problem is that these ingredients usually have no place in the diet and offer nothing in the way of nutritional support.
 • Organic Options: You’ll find that you have much more control over your pet’s diet with fresh food and food kits, including organic meat and vegetables.

How to Improve Your Dog’s Health with Fresh Food without Breaking the Bank

 You make sure your four-legged friend gets plenty of exercise. Chances are good they’ve got a whole slew of toys around the house in case they get bored. You give them dental chews to help prevent plaque buildup, too. So, why are you still feeding them processed food? If you’re one of the millions of pet parents who’s longed for a better option when it comes to dog nutrition, it’s here. Fresh food offers an incredible boost to health, and you can add it in without breaking the bank, too.

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