Learn about fitness and pain-free posture in dogs.

Big girls don't cry, and your dogs won't either. 

They don't stop running and playing - but they might do it slower and take more breaks. 

And, when they are done, they will sit in a way that relieves them from discomfort.  Take a look at the posture gallery. 

If you a canine professional trainer or veterinary technician and find this interesting and want to learn the secrets to detecting weakness, pain and to preventing injury in your dogs, email me to come shadow at the clinic to sign up for CE class!

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FIRSt: identify pain

Look at the posture gallery, read the the articles about common issues.

THEn: get rid of pain

Learn how to see pain in real dogs and learn tips to handle and care for these dogs so that everybody's life is easier and more peaceful.

THEn: help dogs and their people live their best lives

Let your clients, employer, and friends know that you have some special training that will level up your work life!

Dog Professionals:
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I do teach CE for Vet clinics and I will host a workshop for athletic dog groups or small business owners, by request.



You are a pet parent who can't tell if your dog is sitting funny, not performing well in a sport, or is slowing down due to pain?


You are a vet tech or groomer who needs help handling painful animals, wants to help treat pain, and needs a new skill to improve your resume for work? 


You are a dog trainer who sees dogs for fighting or fearful behavior and want to know if it could be pain related?


Want to come play with me? 

If you are interested in shadowing as a professional, or want more info for upcoming classes for pet parents or even pro certification to recognize pain and weakness in dogs, drop me a line.  Be sure to say what you are interested in by subject line!

In person workshops coming soon in 2022!

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