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How Can Shockwave Help My Dog? 

Back pain: muscle strains and facet arthritis

Arthritis: hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, spine

Tendon healing: Shoulder: Supraspinatous, biceps, medial shoulder strain, Achilles strain, Patellar tendonitis, ACL strain, Iliopsoas strain

What it does:
This treatment begins a healing cascade by directing high energy sound waves into the injured area.  The sound waves interact with tissues to improve flexibility, recruit cellular growth, and reduce pain.

Pain relief may be evident within a week of each treatment.
Start rehab exercise the next week and continue x 6 -12 weeks to optimize results!

Damaged soft tissues require several months to heal completely, shockwave will greatly improve the quality of healing and speed the transition to exercise.
• 1-3 treatments every 2-4 weeks depending on our goals and severity of problem. Dogs that benefit from treatment of chronic conditions come every 3-6 months for shockwave.

Medications before and after the procedure:
Oral anti-anxiety medications is given at home 3 hours before the shockwave appointment.

Some patients are sedated to maximize results for tissue flexibility or to combine with joint injections.

It is a gentle treatment and we give pain medications after therapy to prevent discomfort.


You will need an exam by a doctor certified in Canine Rehabilitation before treatment is performed and we will need to take radiographs of the area we want to treat pre-procedure.

• To include regenerative Medicine options (Joint injections, Stem cell therapy, PRP):

A consult will be scheduled with Dr. Bartling so you can discuss the best options for your dog! See what the treatment is like and learn more in detail!

➢ to see what this treatment is like for dogs Watch Dr. Bartling’s You Tube Channel:


Clinical papers about shockwave:
Hip pain
knee arthritis in dogs
patellar tendonitis after tplo (also helpful for mpls)
shoulder tendon injury

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We savvy dog owners want to know which foods might really improve their dogs' health, and how to maximize medical insurance and minimize sick visits.

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Joint supplements are confusing. 

Can you tell me which is most important? 

Yep.  My dog Roy has chicken allergies and he has knee arthritis.  In this article I will tell you what he takes and what he takes when I can't make myself give him EVERY supplement he would benefit from.

Note: I can't tell you it will be perfect for your dog and you will need to see your vet to diagnose the problems your dog has, AND, you should ask them if these are right for your dog!

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