His Story:

The Pics with the kids was Moose working as a therapy dog at Camp Wapiyapi before Covid. It is a sponsored camp for kids with cancer in Woodland Park.
"Moose is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. He is our beloved pet, and a registered therapy dog with Pet Partners. He volunteers at a variety of places including an elementary school, camps, universities, and a regular at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. He brings smiles everywhere he goes. He is getting prepared to return to service as COVID lets up. He has some joint problems. Since his last treatment a year ago, he has been happy and has not limped at all."  Recently, he has been less social and less willing to play with his puppy and we have seen him limping when he gets up.  We would love to stay ahead of this, it is really hard to see him hurting."

The Champion to all the rest of us

You make all the difference.

This sweet guy started developing fears in his middle-aged life that were so severe that he was afraid to go to the bathroom by himself outside.  About the same time, he started limping strongly enough that Rimadyl didn't really help.  He started to loose his cheery personality.  We found that if we control his pain from hip and elbow arthritis, not only is he physically able to play, he is no longer afraid to play.

To walk comfortably, moose needs treatments on a yearly basis.  and the people he visits at the hospital need him.  His treatments are about $2500 per year.

Therapy Goals for Moose:

Control his pain

Eliminate the need for daily pain medications (NSAIDS)

He will also need joint injections to relubricate his elbows and shockwave to restore his flexibility throughout his body

Then he will need special rehab exercises to strengthen him and keep the pain away

And he will need an anti-inflammatory and weight loss diet to keep him well and control his pain

estimated expenses: April 2022 - $3000

3/13/2022: current savings towards goal: $1000

5/1/2022: Moose was treated with joint injections for his elbows, thanks to all who helped.

he is now pain free and drug free!

Every dollar counts.!

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