Rey was born in a puppy mill.  Rey was shipped to her unsuspecting owner without her disability and need for extensive care being disclosed first. Her owner did what she could, within her means including purchasing a walking cart, but Rey never took to it, and she was living in a NYC apartment.

Her owner brought Rey to CO to surrender her to us so that she would have a chance at life altering surgery, rehab, and a better life. 
She will is a lovely girl and we want her to keep her cheerful spirit and live her best life!

The Sunshine of The Shiba Inu Rescue

You make all the difference.

You will never meet a friendlier, sweeter Shiba.  She is lovely.  This baby grew into her body with twisted knees.  She has lateral patellar luxation with rotation of her tibias (the lower leg bones) such that her joint capsules are too tight and she is unable to extend her legs.  She is unable to stand completely on her own.

She has had one surgery to attempt to correct her patellar luxation and will need some help growing into the rest of her body with strength.  This next 6 months will be our best time to influence how her body adapts to her conformation and to reduce the pain she may have over her life.

How much should I give? 

consider this:
she will benefit most from a few sessions of shockwave to reduce hip spasm and trigger points in the muscles of her quadriceps + rehab sessions x 60 days as a start.  Her care will be ongoing.

Therapy Goals for Rey:

Control her pain

Eliminate the need for daily pain medications (NSAIDS)

Then he will need special rehab exercises to strengthen her and keep the pain away

current expenses: $4000
estimated expenses: may 2022 - $2000

3/13/2022: current savings towards goal: $0

Every dollar counts.!

donate to rey here!

or call the animal care center of castle pines with your donation directly with a credit care #.